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MotdMod (MOTD Adverts) v1.2.0 - 2018/03/31

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SourceMod Plugin for MotdMod


DOWNLOAD HERE: https://download.motdmod.com/#sourcemod-version
Source Code Repository: https://github.com/MotdsNetwork/MotdModSM


MotdMod is a free managed Message Of The Day tool for creating unlimited custom MOTD pages for game servers--made simple into one interface. Multiple custom motd designed themes to choose from makes it easy to improve the look and feel of your game server(s).

No web development skills required, no hosting costs or fees.

MotdMod Ads brand your motd with a quality ad experience that is unlike anything else--receive passive income to help your server hosting costs and donation goals.


NET30 -> PayPal
$2 to $3+ CPM in all regions
Please do not post in this thread asking about rates for your region. Rates constantly change and we don’t want to spam the thread with CPM/earning related questions. Like all motd ad providers, you need to try MotdMod Ads for at least a few months to see its performance for your servers combined traffic, everyone will perform differently. Feel free to contact me personally about earnings related questions or join our Discord listed on the motdmod website.


- Supposed games: CS:GO, CS:S, TF2, DOD:S. Support for other games is being added upon request.
- Re-enables MOTD Support for CS:GO
- 4 high-quality themes with many more to come.
- Fast global hosting w/ DDoS Protection
- Dashboard Analytics (in development)
- Sub-User access control (planned)


sm_motdmod_refresh - Refreshes the MotdMod URL instantly to show your latest saved version. (otherwise motd changes automatically apply on map start)
sm_motdmod_status - Displays the current plugin status in server console.
sm_motdmod_version - Displays the current version in server console.
sm_motdmod_force_update - Forces an update check. (otherwise plugin checks for update on map start)


SteamWorks Web Extension or SteamTools Web Extension

Installation instructions:

- Visit motdmod.com to get an api token.
- Install MotdMod SourceMod Plugin w/ your unique api token (addons/sourcemod/configs/motdmod.conf)
- Restart game server(s) once (CSGO note: and manually join your game server if you have sv_hibernate_when_empty 1) for MotdMod to authenticate.

FAQ / How to get an api token?

Visit motdmod.com to view our FAQ and get an api token.

Reporting Issues/Suggestions:

Report ONLY MotdMod SourceMod plugin related issues in this thread.
ALL other MotdMod bugs and support, Post here.
Have a Suggestion / Feature request? Submit/Upvote it here.

About the maintainer:

MotdMod started as a personal project of mine that I worked on for about a year and a half. I now have the time and resources to fully support its growth and release a SourceMod plugin for the community. I created this because I wanted to learn new front-end technologies and create tools that help gaming communities; which is my passion. I myself have been running game servers for over a decade and one thing that was always a pain was updating and managing 20+ game servers’ motd pages; I saw lots of potential, we tried other solutions that were not satisfying for our players, the time and money to maintain a decent looking motd is why I believe there needed to be a free motd creator solution available for anyone. MotdMod gives game server operators more choices as an alternative to other motd ad providers. If you like what we are doing or want to contribute, join our Discord Channel to have a chat with me at https://discord.me/obek

Change Log:

1.2.0 - Implemented vgui cache buster to fix motd loading (from same domain) bug on CS:S, TF2, others. (Thanks to nosoop)
1.1.0 - CS:GO vgui improvements. Fixed joingame bug. Add init timers to fix issue with hibernating servers not calling api.
1.0.2 - Fixed issue with external ip address for games running locally or in lan mode. Now there are three get hostip methods.
1.0.1 - Add standby support if MotdMod VSP / Metamod version is already installed along with SourceMod version.
1.0.0 - Initial plugin release tested on CS:GO, CS:S, TF2, DOD:S. Will add support for other games on request.

Special Thanks:
nosoop for help with vgui cache buster

Other Contributions:
MD5 File include: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=303868
This project uses a modified version of EasyHTTP included in source code repository.

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