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[TF2] Murder (version 0.1 Beta)

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[TF2] Murder

If you haven't played it before, Murder is a popular gamemode for Garry's Mod where 1 player has to kill everyone to win, while another player must defend the rest of the players who are defenseless from the murderer, and kill him before it's too late. And now it's available for TF2, although due to TF2's structure it's a bit different and as this is the beta and first release of it I would appreciate if you could report bugs to me and come with ideas to improve it further.

  • All players are red spies with the sapper equipped only.
  • The murderer has a knife that instantly kills.
  • The sheriff has a gun with slow reload that instantly kills.
  • When an innocent is killed (non-sheriff, non-murderer) they will not be able to communicate with the living.
  • Spectating players is not allowed.

  • sm_mm_setuptime - Amount of seconds before sheriff and murderer is chosen. Default is 45.0 seconds.

Dependencies (plugins required to run the gamemode)
  • SteamTools
  • TF2Items
  • TF2Attributes

Installation Instructions
Simply put the murdermodtf2.smx into your sourcemod/plugins folder and make sure you have all listed dependencies installed.

Compatible Maps
Anything except maps with arena logic should work with this plugin, however it does not open/delete door entities or other spawn-blocking entities for maps such as payload (although it doesn't matter because you're all on same team eitherway).

To be able to disable respawning for dead people due to non-arena maps, the plugin is increasing the cvar spec_freeze_time tremendously, and it's not recommended to change this cvar or have it in your server.cfg as it will break the plugin.

Current Known Issues
  • You can inspect players and see who's the murderer/sheriff by their weapons.
  • Hit detection for the murderer's knife is sometimes not dectected even though the hitsound is played.

2017-05-11 (v0.1 BETA)

* Initial Release

Attached Files imageproxy.php?img=https%3A%2F%2Fforums. Get Plugin or Get Source (murdermodtf2.sp - 20.5 KB) imageproxy.php?img=https%3A%2F%2Fforums. murdermodtf2.smx (23.7 KB)

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No dobra, czas ruszać tą karuzelą śmiechu :o

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Jak macie dobre namiary na fajne style pod silnik ipb 4.2.x to śmiało :)

  EjaN : (17 listopad 2017 - 01:41:03)

Uuu dzieję się

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@wallace siema czarny xd

  wallace : (18 listopad 2017 - 08:46:56)

Co tam ? edeen zapachniała Ci cipka i nie masz czasu na sieć? :D

  edeen dev. : (18 listopad 2017 - 23:37:05)

@wallace Jestem po wypłacie, nie powiem twemu tacie że w ten weekend zdejmowałaś gacie. :D

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#edeen #na #prezydenta :D

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@edeen dev. dawaj mi tu tego DR xd

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o chuj ktos zyje xd

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@edeen dev. Nie jesteś marynarzem ^^

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